Albeit a portion of our tasks are dealt with from the UK, our diggers are all put away in and delivered straightforwardly from our Hong Kong transporting office.
Kindly note, when orders are set for the UK, upon appearance our group will clear traditions and the units will be conveyed to our storage space before redirection by means of dispatch to clients address.

We have laid out serious areas of strength for a relationship with the producers, which permits us to give quite possibly of the most cutthroat cost available.
As we supply new as well as utilized diggers, the costs of our items can go from just £199.99 to as high as £44,499.99* (costs subject to change).
As a standard rule, the cost of an bitaceminer upon the unit's productivity and execution, in this manner the better exhibition and benefit, the higher the cost

To see the full scope of excavators we sell, kindly go to our landing page and snap on the Items drop down list.
Here you will actually want to shop excavators by digital currency, brand , calculation or essentially select view all and glance through our total item list.

Albeit a portion of our tasks are taken care of from the UK, our diggers are all put away in our Hong Kong delivering office. Hence, sadly, as of now it is absurd to expect to gather and pay for orders face to face.

Kindly sign in to your record on the site and search for request status close to your request number.
You could see the accompanying situations with:
1) Installment forthcoming + Unfulfilled: we are as yet standing by to get the installment for the request
2) Paid + Unfulfilled: we have gotten the installment and right now handling the request and setting it up for dispatch
3) Paid + Satisfied: we have dispatched the unit and included following subtleties for you the request page

Tragically, Coin Mining Focal doesn't repurchase excavators or buy any bitaceminer from our clients or the open market.

If it's not too much trouble, note, any transportation or conveyance dates gave are appraises just, we are not liable for any postponement from the messenger organizations or makers. This incorporates and isn't restricted to the normal delivery date of any new diggers or any dispatches travel being spot checked by line control.
According to standard, we plan to orchestrate dispatch for all in-stock units inside 7 working long stretches of getting full installment for the request.
It requires 5-10 working days for the units to show up in the UK and for us to clear traditions.
We then add following subtleties to your request page and redirect the shipment to your place of residence.
It then requires several days to show up with you.
IN-STOCK UNITS (Rest of the World)*
It requires 5-10 working days for the units to show up in your country.
* For shipments to Russia and Kazakhstan:
For these nations we offer DDP extraordinary line administration and when the units are dispatched it requires between 15-20 working days to show up. The units are transported from our Hong Kong office to our transportation accomplice in Moscow and afterward sent to your location in Russia. There are no traditions leeway or obligation charges as this is taken care of by our group, subsequently you will just have to deal with the homegrown shipment from Moscow to your conveyance address.
Units will be set up for dispatch inside 5 working days of the units being delivered by the maker. After this it follows similar delivery example of in-stock units.
Utilized UNITS
All pre-owned units will initially be completely tried to guarantee they are in full working request before shipment.
Utilized units can take somewhat longer to send because of extra testing completed before shipment. On normal the testing requires 5-7 working days. After this it follows similar transportation example of in-stock units.

All ASIC excavators sold by Coin Mining Focal (whenever given by the maker) accompany their unique, just Chinese electrical plug links. As these links are not good for use in that frame of mind of the world, some of the time, for wellbeing measures, the maker wo exclude their Chinese electrical plugs with the excavator while transportation beyond China.
Power links reasonable for European, UK, American or some other sort of force attachments can be handily bought on the web or at most gadgets stores.
Beneath you can see which power supply link is essential for each kind of ASIC digger:
C13 16-20amp Power Link:
1) Bitmain
2) Innosilicon
3) IBeLink (BM-S1, BM-N1, BM-K1)
C19 16-20amp Power Link:
1) Canaan
2) Goldshell (aside from Goldshell Small Box excavators which need C13 power links)
3) IBeLink (BM-N3, BM-K3)
4) Whatsminer
5) StrongU

Kindly direct a starter investigation of digger before activity and on the off chance that you track down anything outside the standard, if it's not too much trouble, take photograph and get in touch with us right away.
Check whether the presence of the digger is disfigured or harmed, really look at fan and interface wire too.
Check whether digger has strange commotion, and see whether there are any emanating blades tumbling off.
Try not to dismantle the digger without help from anyone else. The excavator is attached with hostile to dismantling name. The excavator promptly loses guarantee administration while client dismantles with practically no consent.